Never kiss babies or animals

Actors have always been wary of being upstaged by dogs and small children, but politicians seem to seek them out to create photo opportunities for themselves.

I think I could have told Julia Gillard whether her little dog was about to mount a leadership challenge.

This link shows you how Russian President Vladimir Putin uses animals to enhance his image.


About transformational1

I have many interests and I have had a varied career. I am a semi-retired professional dog trainer, specialising in the use of positive reinforcement. I do some consultations, I run instructor workshops and I am setting up a Dogs and Psychotherapy Research Project. I have a law degree from Melbourne University (but have never practiced) and I am passionate about Human Rights. My first degree was in Sociology. I worked as a social researcher on issues such as low income housing, women's refuges and women in the workforce. I live in an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia, and I have a German Shepherd called Chance.
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One Response to Never kiss babies or animals

  1. John Bellamy says:

    This is personal for Kaye from JohnB;
    Thanks for the magnificent ‘brew’, much appreciated.
    Cheers, JohnB, with wags from Molly.


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