Brunswick Days, featuring Clancy Singh Tagore #13

imageClancy gets his skates on… Or at least takes the first step


Clancy is going to live up to his name (“Jack of All Trades”). Drowsily snuggling up one moment, ripping into his toys the next, dispensing therapeutical emotions, spreading joy and laughter, punctuated by the occasional sociopathic lapse in his personal ablutions. Usually on someone’s rug.

I thought that Treibball was going to be the first major project. However, almost by accident, just because it was there, I started to get Clancy to hop onto my dog training skateboard. I say “dog training skateboard”  because of course most of my stuff, and much of what you can get from the $2 shop, can be pressed into service for dog training.

As a small beginning, I simply lured Clancy to step onto the skateboard with his front feet. This very basic beginning was intended to be not much more than confidence building. Clancy is a pretty confident dog, sensibly wary at times but open to evidence that a new object is not dangerous.  So it was with the skateboard. He was happy to walk onto it and around it, not for its own sake but just as a means to an end. He was just foraging for treats. He hasn’t yet realised that he is being rewarded for stepping onto the skateboard, but that will come later. Interestingly, you can see that he is drawing on his repertoire – the high five paw action – deliberately pawing the board. He seems to be making use of the High Five paw action as a way of making good things happen, usually tug games. See him pawing Son’s bike, and now the skateboard.



About transformational1

I have many interests and I have had a varied career. I am a semi-retired professional dog trainer, specialising in the use of positive reinforcement. I do some consultations, I run instructor workshops and I am setting up a Dogs and Psychotherapy Research Project. I have a law degree from Melbourne University (but have never practiced) and I am passionate about Human Rights. My first degree was in Sociology. I worked as a social researcher on issues such as low income housing, women's refuges and women in the workforce. I live in an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia, and I have a German Shepherd called Chance.
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2 Responses to Brunswick Days, featuring Clancy Singh Tagore #13

  1. John says:

    G’day KayeanClancy: Loved the pix, thanks. Lotsaluvanlukanwags. JohnanMolly XX


  2. Guess what Clancy did this morning, Sunday 9th March? I was drinking my coffee and I tossed a couple of pieces of dog food onto the skateboard. Clancy immediately climbed on – all four feet on the board. But before I could get my camera out, he had moved off. So you’ll just have to take my word for it.


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