Brunswick Days, featuring Clancy Singh Tagore #15

imageClancy makes a couple of new friends.


It was the beginning of a Long Weekend in Melbourne. Summer is officially over and it is the start of Autumn. This is often Melbourne at its best. Fine, warm and with the tiniest hint if a chill in the air when the sun goes down. A perfect day to sit around, have a cup of tea with friends and play with a puppy.

Deb and Craig are doggy people, although on this occasion they left their Aussie Shepherds at home.



About transformational1

I have many interests and I have had a varied career. I am a semi-retired professional dog trainer, specialising in the use of positive reinforcement. I do some consultations, I run instructor workshops and I am setting up a Dogs and Psychotherapy Research Project. I have a law degree from Melbourne University (but have never practiced) and I am passionate about Human Rights. My first degree was in Sociology. I worked as a social researcher on issues such as low income housing, women's refuges and women in the workforce. I live in an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia, and I have a German Shepherd called Chance.
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One Response to Brunswick Days, featuring Clancy Singh Tagore #15

  1. John says:

    G’day Clancy [Kaye too!!]. Gosh you are growing up quickly and looking soooooo handsome and your coat is magnificent too. ‘Onya Clancy, Love and wags, Molly [and John]


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