Brunswick Days, featuring Clancy Singh Tagore, #16


Now that Clancy is 12 weeks old, I thought I should review his progress.

“ . . . during your pup’s first month at home, urgency dictates that socialization with people is the prime puppy directive. Your puppy must be fully socialized to people before he is three months old”

– Dr Ian Dunbar

imageKaye and Ian at Spokane, October 2013




People of different ages


[/] Babies

[/] Toddlers

Older children – boys

[/] Older children – girls

[/] Calm, quiet children

Active, noisy children

Teenagers – male

[/] Teenagers – female


[/] Young adults – males

[/] Young adults – female

[/] Mature age people

[/] Elderly people

People of various appearances

[/] Men with beards

[/] People wearing hats and crash helmets

[/] People in big coats or uniforms

[/] People in wheelchairs

[/] People pushing a pram or baby stroller

[/] People using wheelie walkers

People on crutches and walking sticks

[/] People from various ethnic groups

[/] “Loud” people

[/] Subdued people

People doing various activities

[/] People on bikes

People on skateboards

People playing ball games


[/] Workers and workplaces



[/] Other puppies

[/] Adult dogs

[/] Different breeds and sizes

[/] Different temperaments

[/] Different levels of confidence

Other species

Small pets – rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, poultry, birds

Farm animals – chickens, goats, horses

Livestock – sheep, cows


Vehicles and wheels

[/] Cars




[/] Bicycles

[/] Wheelbarrows

[/] Shopping trollies


[/] Industrial equipment

[/] General traffic noise and movement

Events and activities




Pavement cafes


[/] Vacuum cleaners

[/] Broom

Lawn mowers

Hair dryer

Power tools

[/] TV and radio

[/] Music playing


Specific places

[/] Visiting your family, with kids or elderly people

[/] Neighbours’ or friends’ houses


Bike path

Sports ovals


BBQ areas

[/] Shopping centres


[/] Buildings

[/] Variety of surfaces, especially slippery surfaces

[/] Ramps

[/] Going up and down stairs

Lifts and elevators

Places your puppy might have to get used to

Vet clinic

Grooming parlor

Boarding kennels

Dr Ian Dunbar’s tips on Organizing your puppy to meet people

(from his book After You Get Your Puppy)

“…introduce your puppy to a wide variety of people – to family, friends, strangers, and especially men, and children. As a rule of thumb, your pup needs to meet at least a hundred different people before he is three months old – an average of three unfamiliar people a day.”

  • Invite people to your home.
  • Twice a week, invite different groups of six men to watch sports on TV – offer them pizza and beer!
  • On several other nights a week, invite different groups of six women for ice cream and chocolate!
  • Invite family, friends and neighbors for meet-the–puppy dinners. Have every guest hand-feed your puppy a few pieces of (dog) food.
  • You must invite children to meet your puppy now!
  • Supervise children with your puppy at all times. Start with one or two calm children, and make the interactions calm and controlled. Build up to having more children, more noise and activity and make sure it is fun for the puppy.
  • Eventually the puppy has to get used to children running, laughing, screaming, skipping, and falling over.
  • Introduce simple training games.
  • No-one should interact or play with your puppy until they can get the puppy to come, sit and lie down, using treats to lure and reward.


“Unrestrained visitors, children and adult male friends or relatives can ruin a good puppy very quickly.”

Dates and deadlines.

“Your puppy must have intensive socialization with all sorts of people before 12 weeks of age.”


About transformational1

I have many interests and I have had a varied career. I am a semi-retired professional dog trainer, specialising in the use of positive reinforcement. I do some consultations, I run instructor workshops and I am setting up a Dogs and Psychotherapy Research Project. I have a law degree from Melbourne University (but have never practiced) and I am passionate about Human Rights. My first degree was in Sociology. I worked as a social researcher on issues such as low income housing, women's refuges and women in the workforce. I live in an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia, and I have a German Shepherd called Chance.
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One Response to Brunswick Days, featuring Clancy Singh Tagore, #16

  1. John says:

    G’day, Kaye and Clancy: So much a young pup has to learn and Clancy seems to relish it all with glee! ‘Onya Clancy and Kaye. Cheers an lotsaluvanlukanwags, JohnandMolly XX


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