Our Instructors

Wagging School is pleased to offer classes taken by top quality instructors, who have a depth and breadth of knowledge of reward-based training methods.

Kaye and Razza, from the Dogs and Psychotherapy class, 2012

Kaye and Razza, from the Dogs and Psychotherapy class, 2012

Kaye Hargreaves is the founder of Wagging School and its Principal Instructor.

See our Instructors Gallery, below.

We have an excellent Senior Instructor who assists with mentoring and is available to instruct sessionally:

  • Angela Hervey-Tennyson

Angela is a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier enthusiast, who discovered positive training methods when she first started showing her dogs. She became an active members of PATS (Vic). She is a professional dog handler for the Department of Agriculture, handling dogs at the airport. She instructs at Southside dog club, and runs workshops on K9 Nosework.

We have a team of Instructors being personally mentored by Kaye:

  • Meg O’Hehir

Meg has Certificate 4 in Companion Animal Studies (Behaviour stream) and has been with Wagging School since Dec 2014. Meg takes Puppy Class and assists with instructing in Practical Pet Dog training classes, reactive dogs classes and Tricks Training. She is also a pet photographer.

  • Max Schellekens

Max is an experienced instructor at Keilor Dog Training Centre. He has three dogs. He competes in Flyball and is training his rescue Kelpie, Lennie, in Treibball as well as working on his social skills. Max assists with instructing in both Treibball and Practical training classes. He is part of our team for working with reactive dogs.

  • Sharon Kenney

Sharon has a German Short-haired Pointer called Nina. She is working on the challenges that Nina presents, and is interested in helping owners of unruly dogs. She is increasing her dog training and instructing skills, with this in view. Sharon assists with instructing in Practical training classes.

Others will be joining us in the future. I currently have four mentees who are developing their training and behaviour skills. They sometimes observe and  assist in classes.


Other resources

Kaye has a close relationship with Melbourne’s veterinary behaviourists, and will sometimes be asked to do follow-up training with their clients. She will also suggest to you that you might benefit from consulting one of these people if your dog’s issues warrant this.

We also link in with other trainers, where this helps you. 

We co-operate with dog training Clubs:

For example, if a club instructor has a member in their class who is having difficulty and needs more one-on-one help, he or she may discuss the matter initially with the Chief Instructor, who might then suggest that the member have some private lessons with Kaye. This might be followed by participating in our small group class, so that the dog and owner can gradually get used to more and more distractions. When they are ready, we help them to go back into the Club environment and re-integrate into the regular classes. In this way, we are not competing with clubs – we are providing a resource which they, as a volunteer group, do not have.

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