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River, Kaye's first German Shepherd

River, Kaye’s first German Shepherd

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Wagging School with Kaye Hargreaves
– Reward-based Dog Training


DOGS OTEC PP PICS Fixxer matDog training classes
♦ practical pet dog training using humane and sensible methods 
♦ small group classes or individual lessons
♦ any age, any breed, any issue
♦ indoor venue, or in your own home
♦ skilled and knowledgable instructors


Kaye making a presentationTrain the Trainer
♦ Instructor Training and Mentoring Program
♦ Professional Development programs, Seminars and Workshops
♦ Customised Instructor training for Clubs and organisations

Follow the link to see our current Training and Behaviour Skills Program

Kaye's Courses Training RALPH coverThe latest information
♦ the best ideas about training from around the world
♦ top quality informative class handouts
♦ articles, on-line blog and posts about dogs
♦ books by Kaye Hargreaves

“helping you to understand your dog”

Wagging School with Kaye Hargreaves

Kaye with Dr Ian Dunbar

Kaye with Dr Ian Dunbar

♦ Kaye specialises in practical pet dog training – puppies, unruly adolescents and dogs of all ages
♦ We are the only training school in Victoria offering TREIBBALL – great fun, providing mental stimulation for you and your dog
♦ Advanced and recreational training
♦ Kaye offers humane and sensible solutions to behaviour problems

Regular small group classes for Reactive dogs 2020


Meeting another puppy










DOGS dog grabbing leash

Overcome the most common, important and frustrating problems: no more unruly behaviour; no more pulling on the lead; no more selective deafness; teach self-control, and social skills.


CONTINUING FUN AND MENTAL STIMULATION – taking it beyond the basics

Millie goes around the balls

Millie goes around the balls

Includes tricks, social skills, jumps and obstacles for fun, recreational activities and an introduction to Treibball 


We are now training at an indoor venue in Brunswick. 
Or we can come to your home for a private consultation.



♦ Established by Kaye Hargreaves in 1989

♦ The first professional dog trainer in Melbourne to offer individual lessons in your own home (1989)

♦ The first in Melbourne to offer an indoor training venue (1994)

♦ Pioneering reward-based training methods

♦ Practical pet dog training courses to meet your needs in a rich, real-world environment full of distractions

♦ Advanced recreational classes for fun and mental stimulation



♦ Enrol in Wagging School classespractical pet training courses, as well as innovative recreational training courses, including TREIBBALL, designed by Kaye, based on the world best practice

♦ Read and download free articles about dogs

♦ Look at eight books Kaye has written about dog and puppy training and behaviour, available for you to buy

♦ E-mail your dog behaviour question to Kaye at waggingschool@netspace.net.au or enter your question in the comment box below

♦ Read Kaye’s answers to readers’ questions 

♦ Find out about workshops, seminars and talks on training and behaviour

♦ Apply to join our Instructor Training and Mentoring Program

♦ Club instructors – upgrade your skills

♦ Professional trainers – enrol in Professional Development programs

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phone 0498 078 202 or
Email me!

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  1. John Bellamy says:

    Love your page, Kaye – thanks for the lead


  2. melinda hobson says:

    I have a rather exhuberant Bernese who l would like to continue with in Rally o and would love some tips to help him remain focused 😉 Please lwt me know of any workshops or classes that may help us . Thanks in advance , Melinda


    • Hi Melinda,

      Thanks for your inquiry. I would love to help you with your Bernese. If you are looking for something very specific and practical, I suggest you consider having an individual lesson, and I can tailor it specifically to your needs. My seminars and workshops, while they can provide a great background for motivational training, are not specifically designed for what you are asking. I certainly have some techniques which I have taught other groups who I considered to be advanced handlers, eho were interested in competition training, including obedience and DWD. The cost of a one-on-one lesson wohld be $75 for one hour if you come to me. The time can be flexible. If you would prefer to train in a group, either for social reasons or to keep the cost down, I would be very happy to offer a small group class. I would have to advertise this, or perhaps you know a few other people interested in Rally who might want to join in. Do you train anywhere at the moment, for example with a club? Kind regards, Kaye


  3. Robyn says:

    Hi Kaye just wondering if you can advise me I have a Moodle she is 16 months old and I have been having trouble with her getting groomed she can be good for some part but then she will try to bite the groomer with no warning. She is protective of me and doesn’t like me patting or paying attention to another dog. she is gorgeous other than that she sits shakes and drops and is pretty obedient. Also she loves playing with the large balls and was interested in your treipball. I live in rosebud Vic. Hope to hear from you. Robyn Laing


    • Hi Robyn, yes I would be happy to help. I can post some suggestions in a while (have a few things to do, so bear with me). You might also need some hands-on help from a good behavioural trainer who knows what the are doing. There are not many around. Beware of those who market themselves but don’t really have the skills. I am in East Brunswick / Fitzroy North, so a fair hike from Rosebud. If you could come to me, I can give you a lesson. Otherwise I can recommend someone closer. Cheers, Kaye


  4. Rebecca walker says:

    Hi there, we are about to bring home a ten week year old boxer pup, when is a good time to start puppy school? Thanks a lot


    • I would give him a week to settle in, but start puppy class pretty much immediately after that. Go to the Sirius website and get Ian Dunbar’s book “After You Get Your Puppy”. It’s free download. Absolutely essential information. Then be very careful where you go to puppy class. There are good ones around, but also a lot of pretty bad ones. Where do you live?


  5. Anne Redman says:

    We have just adopted a 2yr old, male, Schnauzer/Poodle cross. He’s a lovely natured dog but still rambunctious. We need to get used to each other plus work out new boundaries.
    We were wondering when your next classes are?


    • Hello Anne, thanks for your inquiry. Rambunctious dogs – one of my specialties! We are starting some new classes after Easter. We will have groups between 1pm and 5pm Sundays at Ceres in East Brunswick. I just don’t know yet what time each different level will be. I am in the process of sorting out enrolments now. I need to see your dog before putting him into a group. Could we maybe make a time for the Saturday after Easter and take it from there? Kind regards, Kaye


  6. Nicole says:

    Hi there
    My rescue dog is extremely aggressive towards other dogs and I don’t know where to begin to get him socialised because he can’t even see another dog without showing a crazy temper and wanting to bite. He is a Jack Russell cross. I will soon be moving into a house with another dog and am really stressed because I need my dog to be ok with being around others before that happens.
    Would this be something you could help with?


  7. Mel says:

    Hi There – we have 2 dogs (groodle and a beaglier) however their jumping and lead pulling is just out of control. I’ve tried everything for their jumping without any luck… we have glass stacker doors which are almost ruined because of their excessive jumping. My husband isn’t a huge fan of the dogs (mostly because of their jumping) and I’m at a point where guests don’t want to come outside because of the dogs. Any suggestions?


    • Hi Mel,
      There is certainly effective training that I could help you with. It would require a few lessons, but probably wouldn’t take as long as you might think. How old are they, and have you been to any classes? When you say you have tried everything, what have you tried? It can be frustrating following different advice. Where do you live? If you are not able to see me, maybe we could do something by video online.


  8. Justine says:

    Hi Kay,

    I have a beautiful unruly adolescent pug and require some tips.
    I live locally and would like a quote for home visits and do your classes still operate from John St?

    Kind regards,


  9. Olympia Raptis says:

    Good afternoon,
    Can i get some prices on puppy school
    Number of sessions?
    Also price on private lesson at my home.
    I have 2 puppies….both 8 weeks old. Both Staffys.
    Thanking you
    Olympia Raptis


    • Hi Olympia,

      Thanks for your inquiry. I would be happy to help with your new puppies.

      Whereabouts are you? In the Brunswick area?

      I am just recovering from a knee replacement operation at the moment, so
      I am not running classes myself. However, I can recommend a very good instructor who has been with me for six years. She lives in West Brunswick. I think home visits would be the best way to start. This normally costs $100 for a one hour visit, depending on location. Kerryn runs puppy and “post puppy” manners classes, which she can tell you about.

      One issue that I would like to raise with you is how to manage two puppies. While it can be good for them to have company, there is also a lot of evidence that having two littermates, or two puppies of the same age, together, can cause problems.

      It will be important that you can have one on one time with each puppy, as well as teaching each puppy to cope with being alone, along with spending time together. This makes management and training a bit more complicated and time-consuming. We can give you some suggestions about that.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.



  10. Vanessa says:

    Hi Kaye,
    I have actually attended your beginner’s workshop many moons ago as an observer, I now have a rescue border collie X, that I have had since March last year. When we first got her she wasn’t a huge fan of other dogs but would tolerate them, as she has become more comfortable in the home, her reactiveness and aggression towards other dogs has gotten worse and she now barks and lunges at every dog she sees, I have a feeling it’s probably a protective urge over her humans, but I just cannot get it under control, I have tried to distract her and reward her with treats when she does not react, and while it works in the moment it does not seem to be sticking. Can you recommend anything here?


    • Hi Vanessa, yes I do a lot with this type of issue. Can you message me on 0498 078 202. One of the main points is that you can rarely solve the problem by trying to respond when it happens “in real life.” You need to do some preliminaries and set ups in a controlled environment first. I can help you with that if you like. Cheers, Kaye


      • Vanessa says:

        Thanks Kaye – Sorry about the slow response – I have had a very busy couple of weeks, but I ahve just texted you


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