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Call Kaye (03) 9489 5095
Mobile 0477 975 012
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Wagging School with Kaye Hargreaves
– Reward-based Dog Training



WeekendNotes is a great events and activities guide for Melbourne.

Dog Trainers

Paw Behaviour – Jenny Wilcox, in Carrum – you can see from Jenny’s video that she is doing a good job. By the way, many years ago, Jenny brought Merlot and Layla to some classes with me – but I can’t take all the credit for her knowledge.

Dog Walkers

Kirsten Bowers

Dog walking and training
“Pet Pursuits”
Mob: 0408 058 886
Web: http://www.petpursuits.com.au/


Kirsten Bowers has a rare combination of qualities. She is a person capable of great empathy, and she loves dogs. Her empathy extends to people as well. She treats her dog-owning clients with compassion, and she is very sensitive to the importance of the bond between people and their dogs.
Kirsten is also a knowledgable dog trainer. She is committed to reward-based behavioural dog training methods – methods of proven effectiveness. She is therefore able to walk the more difficult dogs, those who present a management challenge. She is a humane and competent dog walker. She provides a safe pair of hands for your companion and family member. I know this because she has been walking Chance, my 10 year old, 32 kg bundle of unrestrained enthusiasm, for the last five years.

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