Before you come to class…

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Wagging School with Kaye Hargreaves – Reward-based Dog Training


What you need to know

Please arrive for classes approximately 10 minutes early to walk, settle and toilet your dog.

Meeting other dogs

Please be careful when you come in not to let your dog rush up to another dog, or approach without being invited. All dogs have personal space, and this has to be respected. Some dogs are likely to react badly to others getting in their face. We have a “meet and greet” protocol – stop a couple of metres away from the other dog and handler. If both dogs are sitting calmly, you can ask the other person if it’s OK to let the dogs meet. If so, give your dog a special release cue (we generally use “say hello”) and let the two dogs greet each other briefly (not get into active play) – then call them apart.

There is 15 minute changeover between class programs. Duty Instructors will be available to assist you or answer questions at this time, however we are more than happy to also follow up outside of class times if required.


We are now holding small group classes at CERES Environment Park in East Brunswick. We hire a classroom, so indoor training as well as tea and coffee, is available. We have permission to use the lovely outdoor facilities as well, including walking tracks and socialisation opportunities. We meet in the open area next to the main car park. Sometimes we train there, as it is a ten minute walk to the classroom. Sometimes we include a Socialisation Walk from the car park to the classroom as an extra activity befor and after class. This very valuable. 

We hold individual (one-on-one) lessons in a small bungalow with access to a private car park in North Fitzroy.

Class format

We will be discussing class formats, and other specific class information at the commencement of the first session. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and your interaction throughout the sessions.

Your instructors

We have a range of very experienced Instructors who will be led by Kaye Hargreaves. Kaye is an extremely experienced and skilled dog trainer, author, consultant and presenter.

We are also currently conducting an Instructor Mentoring Program so will have some additional staff available to assist as required throughout the programs.

What to Bring

Please bring the following with you to classes:

  • Your own lead – although we do have some leads and collars available for sale.
  • A small mat or futon for your dog.
  • Treat pouch.
  • Treats – small, tasty and easy to handle – although we do have some treats available for sale.
  • Bring your favourite tug toy or reward toy – although we do have some good toys available for sale.
  • Poo bags – just in case.

More information

  • Please toilet your dog before the class. If your dog has an accident, please let an instructor know, because we have to follow strict clean up procedures required by DogZone.
  • Please do not feed your dog a meal in the morning before the class. Your dog will be more motivated if he or she is hungry (but you don’t have to go to extremes and starve your dog either!)
  • Bring some tasty food to use as rewards – dogs often like some variety, rather than the same thing all the time – sausage, chicken, cheese, dried liver and so on – and some dogs will be motivated by regular dried food, but don’t bet on it. We will have suitable reward food available for sale if you don’t bring your own, or if you run out.
  • Bring a treat pouch, bum bag or wear clothes with suitably big loose pockets for your treats. You need to be able to get at them easily and have your hands free.
  • If you have a clicker, bring it, but we have a variety of types for sale at reasonable prices.
  • If your dog is motivated by play, bring a tug toy (not a squeaky or a ball) to use as a play reward. We have some really good ones on sale, called wigglies.
  • You should bring a dog mat for your dog to settle down on when not actively working.
  • Use a fabric or leather flat lead (not a chain lead) and a regular flat collar. Check chains are not to be used in our classes. A head halter is acceptable if it helps. However, with Treibball, we will work towards having good off-lead control.
  • We use the training technique of targeting, but you do not have to bring any equipment at this stage. We will provide targets initially, and may have some on sale, or you can bring your own if you prefer. Ask your instructor before making a purchase.
  • You will receive detailed written handouts throughout the course. The cost of this is included in your course fee. Please feel free to take notes if you like, but you will get plenty of information.
  • These materials are copyright, and intended for your own use. If you belong to a training organisation and you intend to run Treibball training classes at some stage, please talk to Kaye about what constitutes fair use of her material. Kaye does offer instructor training, and can provide course outlines and class handouts on licence to clubs and other training organisations.
  • We do recommend that you buy Kaye’s book Training With A Friendly Face (available at DogZone for $15), especially if you need a short and succinct introduction to reward-based training.
  • We do not use correction in our classes, but we do want our dogs to be under control. Please ask your instructor if you are not sure how to achieve this, or what to do if your dog is not responding correctly. Abusive behaviour towards a dog, fellow student or instructor is not tolerated. Training can be frustrating, but speak to an instructor for guidance before it gets out of hand.
  • Feel free to bring a friend or family member with you to help you in the class.


We will sometimes take photographs or short video clips of training in progress. These might be posted on our website, shown in training workshops or possibly used in a future book. You have the right to say you don’t want to be photographed. If you want to take your own photographs, please inform Kaye first, and ask the person or the owner of the dog involved for permission.

Treibball Program only

In Treibball, we use a small mat to teach your dog to go to a place behind the ball. This is different to the dog’s regular bed. We will provide suitable mats for this exercise.

Treibball also uses a large gym ball as part of the activity.  You don’t need to provide your own gym ball. We have gym balls and a few smaller balls for small dogs which you can use in class, and some on sale if you want to have your own to practice at home. Bear in mind that in the Introduction class we do not introduce the ball until the dogs have enough control to do it correctly.

Where to Go

We hire DogZone – in Richmond – as our training facility.
52 – 54 North Street, Richmond

DogZone, established in 2002 is Australia’s first dog daycare and play centre providing Melbourne with a high quality, professionally run canine creche. The centre is fully climate controlled for your doggy’s comfort. Their new premises can accommodate up to 80 dogs and has the added benefit of a huge car park for our clients, making drop-offs and pick-ups stress free.

If you are travelling from the City/North, head down Victoria St, turn right at Burnley St (travel 500m) and left at North St.

If you are travelling from the East, take the Eastern Freeway, come off at Chandler Hwy, turn right at Princess St, turn right at Barkers Rd, left into Burnley St and left into North St.

Other Stuff…

Items will be available for purchase. They include:

  • Treats
  • Clickers
  • Target sticks and other targeting equipment
  • T-shirts
  • Some toys
  • Treibball balls.

There will be tea and coffee facilities available, free of charge, and soft drinks, human snacks and water available for purchase.

There is plenty of parking in the car park at DogZone and off street parking is also available on weekends.

We look forward to having you as part of our program!

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