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Wagging School with Kaye Hargreaves
– Reward-based Dog Training

 Currently we are accepting enrolments for:

RiverAndValleyAtTrainingPractical Pet Dog Training classes



WED 7 pm to 8 pm new class starting in May

(1) Teaching the Basics
$110 for 4 weeks

(2) Reviewing and extending the Basics  continuing in June
$110 for 4 weeks

(3) Troubleshooting the Basics in July
$110 for 4 weeks

THU 7-30 pm to 8-30 pm class running APR-MAY

(1) Practical Basics and Social Skills
$220 for 8 week course

(2) Continuation levels available


THU 7-30 pm to 8-30 pm Start any time
$110 for 4 weeks
Continuation to Level 2 available

Puppy handling - sit and touch the collar

Puppy handling – sit and touch the collar

Angela lures a puppy to lie down on the mat.

Angela lures a puppy to lie down on the mat.

Playing in the tunnel

Playing in the tunnel




Millie goes around the balls

Millie goes around the balls

The exciting new sport of TreibballWhat is Treibball? Read the introductory article about Treibball in Kaye’s blog.




(1) Treibball Skills Workshop

Every 4th MONDAY of the month Start any time
7  pm to 9 pm ($35 per session, $125 for 5 sessions)

(2) Treibball practice 

Other Mondays
7-30 to 8-30 pm ($15 per session if you attend the Workshop)


Odour Workshop
three sessions
Sunday 2 pm to 5 pm
19th and 26th April, 3rd May

Timestamp of snap: 0:39.4

Timestamp of snap: 0:19.7Timestamp of snap: 0:59.4

We aim to give you the best quality dog training services

♦ Highly skilled instructors, personally mentored by Kaye Hargreaves.
♦ Well-planned and carefully designed courses.

♦ Humane, practical and sensible training.
♦ We help you to understand your dog.
♦ We keep up to date with the latest ideas and approaches.
♦ World’s best practice training methods used.
♦ Top quality, relevant and trustworthy written materials.
♦ Professional presentation.
♦ Back-up and services if you need it.
♦ Individual lessons in your own home, or at our facility.
♦ Small group classes at our indoor venue in East Brunswick.
♦ Any age – any breed – any issue.

For more information:

call Kaye on (03) 9489 5095 or 0477 975 012
Email Kaye!

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