Treibball Continuation class

Phone 9489 5095
Mobile 0457 787 356

2014 TERM ONE 

Starting Saturday 1st February, 2014, 3 pm to 4 pm.

10 week course, $270

This course follows on from Introduction to Treibball.

It allows you to consolidate the Foundation skills taught in Introduction to Treibball. These skills are:

♦ Off-lead control with distractions

♦ Dogs’ impulse control

♦ Training skills (luring, shaping, targeting, clicking, bridge and reward, timing, body language and stimulus control)

♦ Treibball skills – mat work, handler orientation (also known as “balance”), targeting and pushing the ball.

In this course we also introduce:

♦ directional control

♦ distance, and

♦ ball control skills

For more information, or to enrol

Call Kaye on 9489 5095 or  0457 787 356


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