Introduction to Treibball details

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28th August, 25th September, 30th October, 27th November 2016 


Casual attendance plus online resources $35 per month

Online only $10 per workshop

Four Workshops plus online resources $165

Wagging School Treibball  2013

Wagging School Treibball 2013c.



Introduction to Treibball Program Topics

1. Basic Control

The first Topic we will be covering in the course (which we will work on if it is necessary) is Basic Control. We do understand that you want to get to the fun part of teaching your dog to herd balls around – however, foundation skills are really important. Your dog needs to be motivated, but able to focus. We will cover ways to build focus, so that your dog can work off-lead, at a distance from you and with distractions.

2. Dogs’ Impulse Control

As well as having Basic Control – attentiveness and reliability off-lead – Treibball requires the dog to have a high level of self-control or impulse control. Without this, the dogs tend to get over-excited and bite or pounce on the ball, bursting it or losing control of it. So we teach you various ways to develop this impulse control without risking having your dog lose motivation. Basically, your dog will learn that self-control (waiting to be sent to the ball rather than just leaping on it) brings its own reward.

3. Training Skills

Treibball is a skills-based sport – both for you and your dog. Under this heading we aim to develop your training skills. We especially focus on the positive reinforcement techniques which are most relevant to Treibball. These are clicker training, shaping behaviour and the use of targeting. Each week we will work on developing aspects of these skills.

4. Treibball Skills

Learning to play Treibball requires you to teach some very specific behaviours to your dog. Under this heading we cover all the Treibball-specific training aims – such as your dog’s orientation to you (regardless of where the ball goes, the dog must face you and drive the ball towards you), the skill of going out to the mat, or at least to a marker or to whatever you use to teach your dog to take up position behind the ball, using directional control at a distance to send your dog to the left or right, and of course the ball control skills that make up the main activity of herding the balls into a goal. These skills will be taught systematically, step-by-step.


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Call Kaye on 9489 5095 or 0477 975 012


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