Recreational fun class

Phone 9489 5095
Mobile 0457 787 356

Concept: A 10-week course, covering post-basic level training activities, tricks and games, suitable for all levels of fitness. This course gives experienced handlers who have done basic pet dog training the opportunity to do some advanced and recreational training. Have fun with your dog and stay mentally active.



Duration of class: one hour, once a week.

Who is it for? People who have completed basic practical control training with their dogs; people who want to continue having fun, learning training skills and giving their dogs ongoing mental and physical stimulation; people who have been doing competition with their dogs but want to try something different. Suitable for all levels of fitness – even if you or your dog can no longer run and jump!

Course: a 10-week Term. If places are available, casual attendance will be permitted.

Cost: Casual attendance $30, 10-week term paid up-front (10% discount) $270.

Time: Wed evening, or Saturday afternoon, to be confirmed

Starting date: to be confirmed.

A detailed Course Outline is available.

Fixxer and Indy playing musical chairs

Fixxer and Indy playing musical chairs

For more information

call Kaye on 9489 5095 or 0457 787 356

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