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3 Responses to Enrolment

  1. Georgia says:

    Dear Kaye,

    I am bringing home an eleven week old golden retriever on Sunday and would be interested in enrolling him in group obedience classes. Just wondering when you have classes starting up again and also how much your classes cost and for how many weeks you’d recommend?
    Thanks for your time.

    Kind regards,



  2. Rachel Ballinger says:


    I have a 16 month old rescue staffie that i will be collecting in a week or so. I would like to find out about the classes at CERES. Her behaviour seems ok but could do with a few more boundaries. Cab you please let me know times, cost etc

    Thank you


    • Hi Rachel, thanks for your inquiry. My website is embarrassingly out of date. However we should still be able to help you. Are you in Brunswick? Would it be helpful to have a list of things to prepare before you get her? I suggest starting with an individual session in your home. I would do this as early as possible because first impressions can stick, and you want to get off to a good start. We have a checklist of basics and foundation exercises to work on. It will be a matter of assessing where she is at. You can have a kind of “honeymoon period” with Rescues, because they can be somewhat shut down, and come out of themselves as they settle in. We do not have groups at CERES at the moment. However we can talk about the options with you. The cost of a home visit in Brunswick would be $100. I am out of action at the moment (just recovering from a knee replacement) but I have a very good instructor available who lives in West Brunswick. She has been with me for around 6 years. So let me know what you would like to do and I can get some information to you. Kaye


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