A Training Framework

Before you start training your dog, consider all the factors which have an impact. These are questions which provide a framework for training the whole dog.

  1. Will this training goal raise leadership issues? Which ones, and how will they show up?
  2. What drives will your dog have to be in to perform these actions? How does this relate to your dog’s drive profile?
  3. What intrinsic and learned rewards will motivate your dog to learn and to maintain this behaviour?
  4. What training steps will be involved in teaching this? Can you set them out in advance?
  5. What contingencies will operate to influence your dog’s behaviour?
  6. What potential is there for my dog to become stressed doing this?
  7. What physical demands does it place on my dog, and are there any health issues to be concerned about?
  8. What reflexes and emotions might be triggered by this training exercise, and how will you condition your dog appropriately?
  9. What body language or other means of communication will be evident in this training exercise?
  10. Will you be using or relying on physical control/management, on teaching your dog to respond to a command, or internalising behaviour?

About transformational1

I have many interests and I have had a varied career. I am a semi-retired professional dog trainer, specialising in the use of positive reinforcement. I do some consultations, I run instructor workshops and I am setting up a Dogs and Psychotherapy Research Project. I have a law degree from Melbourne University (but have never practiced) and I am passionate about Human Rights. My first degree was in Sociology. I worked as a social researcher on issues such as low income housing, women's refuges and women in the workforce. I live in an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia, and I have a German Shepherd called Chance.
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