Kaye’s dog training books

Kaye’s books are practical and based on her experience of helping people to meet their needs – rather than just offering a one-size-fits all “solution”.

Training RALPH

Training RALPH

Training RALPH (the Rambunctious Adolescent Lunging Posturing Hound), and RALPH Comes To Dog School is still available. $30

Your Dog and Your Child is still available. $15

Your Positive Puppy Training Starter Pack is available in e-book format (as a pdf fie). $10

For more information,

contact Kaye on 9489 5095 or

e-mail waggingschool@netspace.net.au

E-mail Kaye or post your request in the comment box below if you want to order any books.


3 Responses to Kaye’s dog training books

  1. Mary Ann Corry says:

    I was recently loaned a book from a series of books that Kaye self-produced a few years ago. I understand that this series of puppy training books are no longer available in hardcopy. I was wondering if the email starter pack is the same as the books? I am very interested in ordering it irregardless but just wanted to know. I’d also like to order the book Training Ralph. If you could advise how I go about paying for these items I would appreciate it.


    • Hi Mary Ann, thanks for your inquiry. I have a pdf version of the Puppy Training Starter Pack available. It is exactly the same as the printed version. I also have a handful of RALPH books left in printed form. I will be releasing a revised edition probably next year. The content will be similar but the graphic design and presentation will be better. The Puppy pdf is $10 and RALPH is discounted from $30 to $20. Also, next year I will be releasing vastly improved pet dog training books, incorporating the material from Sit Happens, but including a lot of new material. I plan to make the new books available in eBook form as well as standard and deluxe printed versions.

      If you place an order I can e-mail details to you about making a bank transfer. Thanks


      • Mary Ann Corry says:

        This is where I fall down, I’m not one to do electronic banking-sorry! I’m happy to give credit card details or send a cheque…also I do enter agility events using paypal but never have purchased anything else with it-could give that a go if you like. I’d like to order the puppy pdf and the RALPH book. Just let me know how you would like me to go about paying. Happy to call you tomorrow if that would be easier.


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