Learn to Play Treibball

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Exciting new dog sport being taught at Wagging School
– now moving into its third year!

What is Treibball? Read the introductory article about Treibball in Kaye’s blog.

Do you want to learn Treibball or develop your skills further? But you are busy, time poor, and fi d it hard to get to classes?

We are trying to offer a format that will work for you.

imageMONTHLY SKILLS WORKSHOPS… this might suit you better than a course that you have to commit to once a week. Our Monday night stream has just started. Come to a workshop on the fourth Monday of the month, with the option of low cost practice sessions in between.

SATURDAY Skills Workshops will be offered soon, if there is a demand.


Concept: Learn to Play Treibball will introduce you to a great new dog sport.  

Wagging School Treibball  2013

Wagging School Treibball 2013

Treibball was developed in Europe as a recreational activity for dogs. It involves herding large gym balls into a soccer-like goal. It is particularly good for all those under-stimulated working breeds in the city, but it is suitable for any breed of dog. The class is skills-based, and taught by means of positive reinforcement. It uses the method of targeting to teach the dogs to push the balls. It’s a lot of fun, and it provides an outlet for all those working dogs who don’t understand why they shouldn’t be rounding up joggers in the park. Experts agree that handlers should be taught a good foundation in the relevant training methods, and that the dogs should learn self-control before being allowed to herd the balls. Initially we are teaching the skills for fun. Our program has four levels to challenge you and your dog, so sending the
dog, directing the dog from a distance and directional
control are some of the more advanced skills.


♦  Introduction to Treibball  Special introductory price $195.

♦ TREIBBALL CONTINUATION CLASS (8 week course, $220) – consolidate your foundation skills

TREIBBALL – PLAY THE GAME (8 week course, $220) – get the ball rolling!

Wagging School is leading Victoria in teaching the new dog sport and recreational activity of Treibball. Kaye’s Course is systematic, taking you through new skills, step-by-step. It is based on research into the best practice by the top US trainers.


There are four levels in the grand plan.

To enrol, please fill out the following REGISTRATION FORM, or contact Kaye to confirm your continuing enrolment.

Once you have registered, you will have access to Kaye’s detailed and extensive written materials, which are password-protected.

For more information:

call Kaye on 9489 5095 or 0477 975 012
e-mail waggingschool@netspace.net.au

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