Customised instructor training

imageIf you are a Club or training organisation, I can offer you customised training and professional development for you and your instructors.

♦ You might be a Club moving towards adopting more positive or reward-based training methods – but you are not sure how to do it. I can train existing or trainee instructors in the use of positive methods.

♦ You might be a dog training business wanting to expand the types of classes or the training methods that you offer. For example, if you are running Puppy Classes and Basic level training, you might want to offer an Intermediate level or a recreational fun class for members who have completed the Basics.

♦ You might be a group of experienced trainers wanting to upgrade your skills and broaden your knowledge of reward-based, behavioural training methods. Learning never stops!

♦ For example, you might want to consider the pros and cons of various techniques, such as lure-reward, use of a verbal bridge, clicker training, pure shaping or targeting. You might be wondering whether to introduce targeting as a training technique, or whether there is a better way to fade lures and other teaching aids that people tend to rely on for too long.

In all cases, I can help you. I can discuss your needs and customise my training program to suit you. This might mean organising a one-off seminar on a specific topic, or it might mean providing you with a course outline for a course that you are not yet offering, and then following this up with instructor training, so that you all feel capable of teaching this new course.

My customised instructor training can include different formats. For example:

♦ sitting down for a two hour seminar and Q & A session

♦ going through a model training course, or workshopping a specific technique or skill. We can work with or without dogs

♦ I can also provide powerpoint slides with photographs, video clips and written handouts of exceptional quality to help with your ongoing learning.

I am now offering certification for some levels – for example, you can be come a Wagging School Certified Pet Dog Training Instructor. This certification involves a skills assessment as well as completion of required seminars, workshops or hands-on courses.

imageI can also license you to run a course that I have designed, using course outlines, lesson plans, instructor notes and handouts for participants.

Of course you can adapt them to some extent, but you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. It takes a long time to develop these courses and materials.  This also gives your clients or members the reassurance that what you are offering has credibility and quality.

For more information:

call Kaye on (03)9489 5095,  or 0477 975 012
Email me!

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