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Wagging School with Kaye Hargreaves
– Reward-based Dog Training

The aim of Wagging School is to offer the highest quality dog training service.

However, we do not take advantage of dog owners by marketing lessons costing hundreds of dollars. We try to offer classes at a cost which is reasonable and affordable, while at the same time reflecting the quality of our venue, the extent of the experience, professionalism and knowledge of our instructors, the written materials we supply and the fact that we aim to offer you “world’s best practice” in behavioural dog training.

Summary of our fees

  1. Private lesson $85, plus travel if we come to you.
  2. Small group, 4-week course, $125
  3. Small group, 8-week course, $250 including online support
  4. Casual attendance in group class (if available), $35


Treibball  – all levels – 1 1/2 hour Monthly Workshops $45 casual or $165 for 4, with online support. Sundays at 4pm 28 AUG, 25 SEPT, 30 OCT, 7 NOV. enrolments being accepted now!

Practical Pet Dog Training Level 1 Beginners Course 8 weeks) $250, starting 1pm Sunday 4th September 2016 enrolments being accepted now!

Practical Pet Dog Training Level 2 Continuation Course (4 weeks) $125, not yet scheduled

Workshopping the Basics – quickly review the essentials (4 weeks) $125 for 4 weeks, $35 casual rate if places are available

Puppy Class Level 1 (4 weeks) $125 SATURDAY 3-30pm Starting Sat 3rd September 2016 enrolments being accepted now!

Puppy Class Level 2 (4 weeks) $125 (not currently being offered)

If you have special needs we can offer you individual lessons in your own home or a one-on-one consultation at our venue. Cost:$85 per hour, plus travel. We specialise in helping you with reactive dogs – unruly adolescents or rescues with “baggage”.

Kaye has experience in finding humane and practical solutions to behaviour problems, and has a close association with Melbourne’s top veterinary behaviourists, who can be consulted if necessary.

If you wish to enrol in one of these courses, please fill in this REGISTRATION FORM.

You can also check the DATES of the courses.

For more information

call Kaye on (03) 9489 5095 or Mobile 0477 975 012
e-mail waggingschool@netspace.net.au

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