Training and Behaviour Skills

I am very excited to be able to bring you the Wagging School Training and Behaviour Skills program, which will offer you breadth and depth of knowledge, as well as great flexibility in selecting and customising your own program from the Modules that are available throughout the year. I believe this Program is unique. It is based on my 20 or more years of experience meeting the needs of pet dog owners in Australia, along with doing intensive study and reading to keep up with the latest developments in reward-based training around the world.

Never stop learning! We can all become better dog owners, trainers, volunteers or professionals. I am passionate about helping you to achieve this goal in whatever doggy activity you are involved in.


imageFor an overview of the Wagging School Training and Behaviour Skills Program for 2015, please go to this link:

Program Overview (Training and Behaviour Skills)

This will tell you:

♦ Who the program is suitable for (you!)

♦ Dates and topics

♦ Cost

Generous discounts if you do the whole Topic (4 events in a month), and even more generous discounts if you do more than one Topic (there are 7 Topics in all, one per month, from May to November 2015)

♦ Group discounts available for Clubs and training organisations – register for 5 places – get one free!

♦ Venue: indoor facility in East Brunswick, VIC, Australia

♦ How to register

imageFor detailed content of the program topics click here

Contact for further information

Phone (03) 9489 5095
Mobile: 0477 975 012
Email Kaye!


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